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K & N Mobile Distribution Announces Two Programs To Greatly Reduce Costs for Franchisees

We are proud to announce two revolutionary new programs designed to make franchising more affordable and accessible for current and prospective franchisees.The two programs – Franchise Ignition and CashFlow Accelerator – launch on March 1, 2012 and will greatly reduce costs for individuals seeking to own their businesses and join the K&N Mobile Distribution family.

Franchise Ignition Reduces Start Up Costs 50%

The first program, Franchise Ignition, represents the most significant reduction in start-up costs K&N Mobile has ever proposed. Through the program, new franchisees will see their start-up costs cut by 50%, bringing the initial required investment below $60,000 for the first time ever.>read more

CashFlow Accelerator Delivers Weekly Electronic Payments

Financing receivables has traditionally been a franchisee’s biggest headache. Within the parts industry most customers expect thirty to sixty day credit terms, meaning suppliers have little choice but to carry that debt load.>read more

Locate a K&N Representative Near You

With twenty locations across the country, your sure to find help from one of our friendly, knowledgeable franchisees or salesman.

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The K&N Experience

See for yourself just how easy and efficient a K&N mobile distribution system can be. We’ll take you through a typical sale made by a K&N representative, from start to finish.

Doing our part with “Just-in-Time” inventory and supply chain management.

With our proprietary inventory tracking system, paperwork is a thing of the past. Each time you sell a part, it is automatically deducted from your inventory.

  • Each time you sell a part, it is automatically deducted from your inventory.
  • At the end of each work day, you will upload the information to your computer and send it directly to K&N so it can be shipped to you automatically.
  • This maintains a constant supply of parts so your customers will not be left without the parts they need.