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Am I on my own immediately?

​No, along with a five day training course in our corporate headquarters, we will provide in the field training for 11 days during your first six weeks in business.

Do I have to wear a uniform?

​Our uniform consists of khaki-style pants and a shirt with the K&N logo on it.

Do I need an office?

​No. You can operate out of your own home.

How many employees do I need?


Can I use the truck I now own?

​Probably not. You will lease or buy a truck that meets K&N specifications.

Do I need a CDL license?

​Not in most states, but you will need a DOT Medical card.

Do you have to have product knowledge?

​No. Our training program will educate you on all the products.

How much can I make?

Check out our Item 19 Earnings Claim. As with any business, hard work and dedication tend to pay off.

Is training provided?

​Absolutely. To help ensure your success, we offer a comprehensive 1-week training program and ongoing continuous training.

How much does a K&N franchise cost?

​The typical total start-up cost is $62,000 (this includes $10,000 in working capital).