Franchise Programs
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Franchise Ignition Reduces Start Up Costs 50%

​The first program, Franchise Ignition, represents the most significant reduction in start up costs K & N Mobile has ever proposed.  Through the program, new franchisees will see their start up costs cut by 50%, bringing the initial required investment below $65,000.  With Franchise Ignition, K & N Mobile will now finance all of the Franchisee’s inventory for a period of 12 to 24 months.  This ensures franchisees will need less start up cash for the two greatest expenses associated with starting a K & N Mobile franchise – the truck based “Mobile Parts Store” and the franchisee’s inventory.  For prospective franchisees with good credit, Sutton Leasing offers competitive leasing options.  All initial inventory($25,000) will be financed by K & N Mobile itself.

CashFlow Accelerator Delivers Weekly Electronic Payments

Financing receivables has traditionally been a franchisee’s biggest headache. Within the parts industry most customers expect thirty to sixty day credit terms, meaning suppliers have little choice but to carry that debt load. But with K&N Mobile’s second new program, CashFlow Accelerator, franchisees will receive money from sales almost immediately. K&N Mobile will finance each franchisee’s receivables and electronically transfer funds from sales on a weekly basis — even though the franchisee’s customers will continue to receive net thirty days credit terms. This “weekly paycheck” will essentially eliminate $10,000 to $20,000 in working capital requirements for each franchisee’s business.

Proving Our Dedication to Franchisees’ Success

Taken together, these two programs represent a true game-changer in the way K&N Mobile franchisees can operate their businesses. With Franchise Ignition and CashFlow Accelerator, K&N Mobile franchisees will now be able to:

  • get their businesses up and running faster
  • enjoy immediate returns on their investments
  • compete more effectively and efficiently in the marketplace

Needless to say, all of us at K&N are very excited to offer these programs. We believe that K&N Mobile Distribution delivers the best ROI – by far – of any franchise concept with a start-up cost below $65,000.