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Fristoe Inc

Territory: Tampa Bay, Florida Start Date: 12/10/12

What was your previous profession before purchasing a K&N Franchise?

I have worked for circulation departments in newspapers for the past 36 years. I have held positions from District Manager to Vice President of Circulation for a group of thirteen community newspapers throughout Texas. My son who works the business with me has been in sales. He has ran a 25 employee telemarketing operation for a diabetic supply company, sold newspaper subscriptions both door-to-door and by telemarketing.

Do you think any of your past business experiences will help you in operating your business? If so, what are those experiences?

In newspaper circulation departments we are basically responsible for three things… sales, service, and collections. In addition, I have been responsible for developing a budget and managing expenses.

How long have you been considering owning your own business?

I have been thinking about owning my own business for decades. It was just one of those things that stays in the back of your mind until the day comes you take action.

Why did you choose purchasing a franchise over starting a business on your own?

After many years in the corporate world, you learn the value of having a team behind you and operating processes that work already in place. These are the kind of things that a franchise brings to the table.

Why did you choose to purchase a K&N Franchise over the other franchises?

We looked at many different franchise models over a six month period. There were good and bad things about each but when we did our due diligence with K&N it became clear that much of the risk in owning your own business was removed by offering such programs as factoring and the consignment program. It also offers a high profit margin.

What is the number one reason you chose K&N Mobile Franchises?

The K&N model also allows you to keep your overhead down and the profit margins great, providing you with a good profit very quickly.

Please comment on the two week training course.

It was very informative as well as interesting and thorough, with patient, and helpful instructors.

What were some of the key factors in you gaining some of your best customers?

Having the ability to bring them right out onto the truck to view inventory as opposed to showing them pictures in a catalog. The attractive layout of the inside of the truck creates a positive impression with our customers. Persistence! Stopping in to see a prospect month after month (up to a reasonable limit) has begun to pay off in my 4th month.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement as a K&N Franchise owner?

Developing solid relationships with my customers and keeping them happy anyway possible. When you become one of our customers our goal is to always be available to meet your parts needs.

What do you consider the most rewarding part of being a K&N Franchise owner?

Being responsible for the success of the business with out restrictions or limitations (except the number of hours that exist in a day) companied with the continuous and dedicated assistance from the franchiser.

Please comment on your experience with K&N so far.

K&N has fulfilled every promise that they have made thus far. They supply a well-designed truck that prospects find intriguing, innovative, and easy to view. All members of the “K&N family” are more than willing to answer any questions and assist with any problems to ensure my best chance for success.

What sort of positive feedback have you received from customers?

All products on the truck are of great quality and several customers truly value the complete package of service i.e. Inventory management, instant response when they need a part, and saving them the time of going to pick up these parts.

What do you think sets us apart from the competition?

The ability to provide stock immediately, a wide variety of inventory, and the quality of the products sets us apart.

What are your future business plans?

To continue to increase revenue generated by the first truck and continue adding more trucks and customers in the future. Our goal is to produce one million dollars per year in revenue within the next five years.

Based on your experiences so far why would you recommend someone else purchase a K&N franchise?

If you have the ability and time to focus fully on the business, be coachable, positive, and determined you can be very successful. We would definitely recommend K&N as a franchise partner. They are there for you every step of the way.